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Case studies

Chimney sweeping Manningtree – Using unsuitable fuel
Whilst carrying out a chimney sweep at one of our regular customers in Manningtree we noticed that the customer had a pile of household waste next to the log burner, they told us that they had just starting to use some of the household waste to burn in order to try and save some money on fuel costs. We informed them that although most things will burn and produce heat for their home that at the same time, using the wrong and unsuitable fuel can produce other problems within their chimney including the build up of hard to remove deposits on the flue liner which can be very costly to remove and in some cases it can cause damage to the liner which could possibly lead to the flue liner needing to be replaced. Thankfully the customer had only been doing this for a short period of time and took our advice not to continue to use the unsuitable fuel.